Weekly Wrap Up Week 6: When MDI is away, the Web Designers play.

This week was a rather slow week in regards to content, particularly because we’re focusing a lot on our assignments, but I will talk a bit more about that later below. There isn’t any information here about Managing Digital Information because this week due to other commitments I was unable to attend class.
This week in Web Design we mainly focused on searching. This is really important, because when a user goes on a website, if they’re unable to search for the information they need, there is a problem. We discussed the point of search engines, why they are great, and how they work. I have to admit, there were a lot of algorithms, and there is a reason I’m doing communications instead of maths or science, so this was a bit difficult for me, but the overall concepts make quite a lot of sense, which is a very good thing. There are basically three ways that Search Engines work: They Crawl, which means they collect data from a website by scanning the content of each page; they use indexing, where the data is already in a database; and Ranking and Retrieval, where the user is given the most relevant pages based on key words.
In the tutorial we worked on our assignment three, which is a group assignment. For this assignment we must create our own website for a client, based on Information Architecture theories. For my group we are doing Marvel Comics (Surprise surprise). However, at the moment, the Marvel comics website is pretty good, and it is very broad. Because of this we have actually narrowed our website range down to the current even that is happening in the marvel universe – Secret Wars. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit worried about this, because I am the only one who actually knows about it (and is enthused about this assignment to be honest), so I had to constantly explain what is happening in the event, the information needed and other things like that. But we did ask our tutor about it, and they seemed to be rather interested, so I’m looking forward to it. Because I am the only one who actually knows about this topic, I feel like I have been thrust into the spot of team leader. To be fair, I would probably eventually end up in this position, just because I like things to be done correctly, and a year of doing group work has proven to me that unless I’m in charge it won’t be done properly (or at all). So, in regards to the tutorial, we did what is needed to be done in the beginning of a project – the basic decisions that will affect the rest of the project. Things like the Client, the Audience (Primary and Secondary), and then research into the clients needs. That was a surprisingly long process, and because of this it took up the majority of the tutorial.

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