Weekly Wrap Up Week 11: The Catch Up

The past couple of week on this blog have been rather quiet, and while some of that is due to lack of classes, and other parts of it is due to other ‘unforeseen circumstances’, it is also because I’ve had a lot of university work, and work itself to do, and I prioritised that over this blog. So, I’m sorry about that, but hey, at least it shows that I know how to prioritise!

Anyway, back to what I’ve been doing. The past couple of weeks has mostly been about our assignments. For Managing Digital Information we have been working on our database. I’m not going to lie, I’m really not enjoying this subject, or these assignments. It seems rahter repetitive, however I can’t deny that is applicable to someone who wants a career  in Information Architecture, as I do. Part of IA is knowing how people search for information on the web, so database management is an essential skill. I have to admit however, that a lot of this seems to be common sense. There is a possibility that I may be thinking this because I’ve already learnt a lot in my previous subjects, and the culmination of that knowledge has lead me to that belief.

Web design on the other hand has probably been my favourite subject in my entire degree. Like I said before, this week was predominately about our assignment. We had a meeting with out tutor, and the subject coordinator. Because I’ve become the project manager of the group, I had to ensure that everyone was up to date with their part of the assignment, according to the plan that we had created.  By this week we wanted to have all of the wireframes done, the CSS and the HTML for the homepage all completed. We had already done all the research for this assignment previously so we didn’t need to do anything with that, however we will need to document it for the report, which is something that will be done by next week hopefully.

I was really happy, because all the feedback we got from our teachers were very good, and they were impressed with what we had done, and we are definitely on track (thankfully!). In fact we were told that they were impressed that we had a homepage completed, apparently no many other groups had done that. The rest of the work for this week will mostly be focused on finishing my part – most of which I’ve done already (The HTML for two of the other five pages, the client brief), and then waiting for everyone else to complete their part so I can finish mine (the usability testing, and finalising the report and prototype of the website).

I’m not sure if I’ve exactly explained what assignment 3 is in this subject, but if you’re interested you can check out this post to find out more!

For MDI I ensured that I wasn’t the project manager (which I often end up doing just because no one else will, and I’m the kind of person who likes to make lists and make sure that everything is completed properly. What can I say, I’m a perfectionist). I decided to do this because i knew I would already have a large workload with Web Design and my other commitments, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not great at this subject, nir am I super passionate about it. So, for this assignment I’m in charge of writing the final report. This is good because it’s something I can do at home while waiting for people from other assignment to send me their stuff.

In the end, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this week, as well as my Spanish assignment and exam. Wish me luck!

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