Weekly Wrap Up Week 4: Assignments and Framework

This week was rather different to the others that I have had. While MDI was rather similar, in Designing for the Web we had an assignment due, and on top of that we didn’t have a live lecture this week.
Because we had an assignment due this week, a lot of our tutorial was focused on fixing up our assignments. This was the case because a major part of the assignment was creating a website. I had already completed mine fully, so during this time I was able to update the CSS and make it look more professional. Surprisingly I really enjoyed doing this assignment, because, while I had to do research, I also had to create a website, which meant I got to use my knowledge in HTML and CSS to its (almost) full potential. And the topics that I got to do my research on were interesting as well. We were given a list of topics, and I chose “Mobile UXD” and “User Generated Content”. I chose these because I know that they will both (hopefully) be useful to me in the future. If anyone’s interested, I would be happy to upload my website/assignment, just leave a comment below.
This was me last week
This was me last week
In the lecture for Managing Digital Information we mostly talked about frameworks, which is very similar to what we have been talking about before with systems of classifying objects, however they tend to be more in-depth versions. The example that stood out to me the most was Dublin Core, because I understand that KOS, which I will discuss later. We also talked about Meta-data and XML, however I don’t quite understand a lot of that, so I’ll need to do some more research.
In the tutorial this week we talked specifically about Dublin Core, with the basic 15 elements and then the further elements after that. We were given an image of a nudibranch (a type of australian shelled animal), and then had to determine what core elements would be appropriate for it. From there, we discussed it in relation to different types of documents, and it was mentioned that the way we index this document is based on what type of document it is. For example, if it’s a digitised photograph of a shell, like this document it, we would have to decide is the document the photograph, or is it the shell itself. This would then affect most of the categories, which is really important to note for all types of categorising.

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