I’m Published!

Exciting news everyone! I’ve been talking to some companies online in regards to publishing some of the content that I write. And I’m excited to announce that I will now be contributing to OuttaGum, the online Pop Culture news site. I will be mainly focusing on comic books, which (as you know) I want a career in, which is really great, because this helps get my foot in the door.
I plan on running a monthly book club around comics, which I suggest you all join, because comics are great. And they won’t be all marvel comics either. I’ve been braching out from marvel and reading a whole lot of other things, so you can read about those over on the website.
I will still be posting on here, so don’t fret, but you can read all of my work here: http://www.outtagum.com/author/kirra-jackson/
*Occasionally I will be posting things from OuttaGum here, but that won’t be for a while after it’s published, so definitely go check out my other work!

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