Where Monsters Dwell (2015) Review

image from marvel.com

When you hear the word Marvel, what do you think?
Most people think of superheros like Captain America, Spiderman and Wolverine. But recently, during the massive summer event that is Secret Wars, Marvel has released a new short series titled Where Monsters Dwell written by Garth Ennis with art by Russ Braun. And while it hasn’t had much coverage, it is a fantastic series that more people should read.

Coming off my Agent Carter season 1 hype, I was looking for something that felt relatively similar, there is a surprisingly small amount of period pieces that have the same fun, action and lightheartedness that also starred a badass female lead. Well, Where Monsters Dwell gives you that, AND dinosaurs.

We’re first introduced to Karl Kaufmann, a womanising once-famous flying ace. He seems a bit down on his luck – he’s pretty broke, and he’s got quite a few enemies. And in comes Clemmie Franklin-Cox – a woman needing to get to Singapore. She has money, and he has a plane, so they’re in business. While they’re flying, they hit a storm, and accidentally end up in another realm – the Valley of the Flame. This here is where all the dinosaurs live, and where their adventure begins. With their plane out of order, we see as they try to get out of this land and back into their own, and it really is amusing.

Clemmie is by far one of the highlights of the series. Even though it seems to be set in an alternative version of out 1940s, Clemmie very much could be considered a modern woman – in the way that she won’t take no shit. While Karl is running around like a headless chicken trying avoid being eaten, Clemmie is already setting to work trying to repair their plane, or making use of her surroundings. She breaks the stereotypes of females in that period being docile and ‘women of the house,’ and definitely shows Karl that she can handle her own – something that he really isn’t a fan of.

That’s another great thing about this series – the banter between the characters. Because there have only really been two main characters so far, the story has been about establishing who they are, and their personalities. Unsurpisingly, these two characters personalities clash quite a lot. Both are very head strong, which makes their conversations even more interesting, and hilarious.

Honestly, when I first saw this comic, I was rather hesitant. I didn’t know any of the characters, and this Kaufmann guys seemed like a jerk, but I am so glad I gave it a shot, but it has been such a great series to read. I definitely suggest this to all comic book readers, especially those who enjoy anything to do with peggy carter, because it 100% fills that whole the hiatus between her series has left. Even though there has only been two issues released, this series is definitely on my pull list. It’s got amazing characters in a fantastic setting. I’m upset that I probably won’t see it after secret wars ends, but I will definitely enjoy the ride.

image from marvel.com


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