Welcome to my blog. This blog is mostly for me, to extend on my knowledge, but I can’t do that without your help. I have four things that I would like to get out of owning a blog, listed below.

1. Intellegent conversation. I started this blog, so that I could share my ideas, and hear what others have to say. I am interested in other peoples ideas, and I hope that people are interested in mine also. I am very politically, and world minded, so I may tread on some peoples toes, but that’s my opinion, and feel free to critize it as long as you have evidence.

2. Improving my skills in english. As a person who is still studying, I understand that it is a always changing language, however I do believe it can be mastered, and I hope to be able to do that one day.

3. Dispel the rumours and stereotypes of my generation. Yes, I am a part of the generation that spends way to much time on the computer. We watch to much tv, and, as most people would see it, we have a lot further to go than other generations did. I can see that, but I want to be able to prove to you, the reader, that not everyone, and in fact most of us aren’t like that. Revel in the selfies, over use the hash tags, it’s all just a way for our generation to express ourselves, just as other generations have had different forms of this.

4. I want to share my knowledge. Yes, I know that i’m very young, however I do believe that I have picked up something in the time I have been alive. I learn a different way to most older people did, I’m even learning a different way to how most people do now. And I have lots of questions, and possibly some answers for you all.

There’s also something you should know, I’m rather a TV buff, or I would like to think of myself as one anyway. So, you may see quite a lot of reviews here, but I will also have different things as well. This is also a blog for me to get myself out there. With my degree in Communications (Information and Media) at UTS,  will most likely end up working in the world of media, and so this is a great way to get myself out in that field and make wonderful contacts.

So that’s it. Welcome to my blog. Something I would like to do with each blog is end it with a quote. Whether it be from a famous person, someone I admire, or from a TV show, so I think my first one will be one of my favourite, and probably relevant to a first post:


Agatha Christie: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”


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