I’m on exchange! 

So this is just a brief info about what my posts will be like for the next year.  I have had the privilege to go to San Diego State University for my International Studies program. I’m here majoring in Spanish and minoring in Chicano and Chicana studies. It’s an amazing experience and I’m so excited … More I’m on exchange! 

Weekly Wrap Up Week 6: When MDI is away, the Web Designers play.

This week was a rather slow week in regards to content, particularly because we’re focusing a lot on our assignments, but I will talk a bit more about that later below. There isn’t any information here about Managing Digital Information because this week due to other commitments I was unable to attend class. This week … More Weekly Wrap Up Week 6: When MDI is away, the Web Designers play.

Weekly Wrap Up Week 4: It’s all connected

Week 4 was the week that my subjects finally overlapped. If you’ve been reading these weekly wrap ups, you should know by now that in Designing for the Web we’ve been talking about the usability of websites, and for Managing Digital Information we discuss databases and categorisation. However this week the topics switched. In Designing … More Weekly Wrap Up Week 4: It’s all connected

I’m Published!

Exciting news everyone! I’ve been talking to some companies online in regards to publishing some of the content that I write. And I’m excited to announce that I will now be contributing to OuttaGum, the online Pop Culture news site. I will be mainly focusing on comic books, which (as you know) I want a … More I’m Published!

Weekly Wrap Up Week 3: Defintions

This week predominately focused on definitions, with Web design actually defining information architecture and how it relates to design (and UXD!), and MDI defining the indexing process. In Web Desgin we talked predominantly about Information Architecture. Specifically what an Information architect does. While we were given quite a few different definitions (as it is such … More Weekly Wrap Up Week 3: Defintions